Our Story

  • How we met

    Janelle and I met in the way that most 21st century couples seem to be finding their soulmate. Online on Grindr… I mean, Match.com

    One of Janelle’s pictures really caught my eye, because of her sly smile and beautiful look. It captivated me so much that it prompted me to send a very well thought out “Hi!” to her. (Ok, may have included a few more words than that).

    And as fate would have it, she actually replied back, and thus our amazing story began!

    The First Date

    Our first date started in a location we were both pretty comfortable with… A Wine Bar.

    We met for after work drinks at the Tasting Room in Uptown Park in Houston.

    My first thought when I saw her walking towards me was “WOW!!! She’s beautiful”. During our first few bottles of bubbles I also realized how much we had in common and how our tastes were so similar in so many ways. After the next few bottles of wine I was hoping the evening and date wouldn’t end.

    Fortunately for me, Janelle also seemed to be having a similarly fun time, so from this very nice upscale wine bar we decided to venture into what could only be defined as our first character test. From The Tasting Room, we went to play darts (and continue partaking in some additional libations like vodka sodas) at Ron’s Pub, a very classical (meaning low brow) Irish pub.

    The night ended in a fantastic way, with a good night kiss and a lot of anticipation to see her again.

    Also, since it was only a Monday the next day would be a tough one after so much fun on a weeknight.

    The Relationship

    If the relationship so far could be summed up in one way it was all about sharing!

    During our first few months we found we shared a lot of the same interests and tastes in food, wine, travel and fun.

    Ranging from a fine dining experience at one of Paris’ top restaurants to a nice relaxing evening at home enjoying a steak, while playing cribbage. To having a lazy day in front of the TV doing nothing more than enjoying each others’ company.

    Even while traveling the world we have managed to stay in synch while running around like crazy doing tourist things and then spending other days relaxing and recovering and enjoying both as much.

    The Proposal

    “No plan survives first contact with the enemy”, is a phrase I believe General Patton had on his desk (originally stated by Helmuth Von Moltke, is what I learned from the Internet).

    After months of planning and preparing the logistics for it, things were set in motion. I was able to get a wonderful ring with help from my cousin Florencia who’s an amazing jeweler. I managed to meet with Janelle’s dad and ask for his blessing, without her finding out ahead of time, and we had a wonderful trip planned to Argentina for her to meet the rest of my family in Buenos Aires and then for us to tour the Iguazu falls.

    The original plan for the proposal was for me to ask Janelle to marry me during the Full Moon Tour in the falls, for more info on what this is about you can find it here. I had managed to get tickets ahead of time and things seemed to be perfectly aligned for this to take place…. until we got there and the tour kept getting canceled due to too many clouds and rain.

    Just in case I had a plan B under my sleeve, definitely not as involved and convoluted. In this case I found the best restaurant in Puerto Iguazu, called De La Fonte, and got us a reservation for dinner instead. Anybody who knows me well, knows that asking the woman of my dreams to marry me, would likely make me a “bit” nervous and anxious. Because of this as soon as I got to the restaurant I was excited to see we had the restaurant fully to ourselves (Argentinians eat a lot later than Americans).

    At this point, I proceeded to make sure I had the right support by ordering us a couple of glasses of wine and excusing myself for a minute so I could better arrange the ring and one of the waiters to capture video (pretending to take a picture of us before dinner).

    As soon as I got the nod from the waiter, I went down on one knee and I asked Janelle if she would make me the happiest man in the world! She immediately put the ring on her finger and I think she also said “YES!” before we started kissing and I started breathing again.

    The truth is we don’t remember how the food tasted, but it was likely really good!